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Here are the Mobile Design UX Trends you Need to Know this Year

Mobiles are quickly becoming the most popular electronic device in the entire world. Smartphones have revolutionized the technology consumer industry and are becoming a part of people’s daily lives. Because of their immense popularity, new innovations are being introduced for mobile phones every single day. Everyone seems as if they are in a race to provide mobile users with the best possible experience. Every single year new trends are introduced in mobile design to improve user experience (UX). Here are the current trends aiming to change UX and improve it:

A Linked Experience

People often use their mobiles for specific reasons and follow a pattern until they achieve what they aimed for. This linked experience where a user follows a certain flow of actions is becoming increasingly popular in mobile applications and mobile design as well. Soon users will be getting a “Start, Action, and End” model in the mobile phones with clear starting, ending, and action points.


Animation has become a major trend for providing information all over the internet. They are being increasingly used in websites and social media platforms, and will now be introduced to mobile phones as well. Expect to see many in-use mobile gestures being done through animation or being dependent on animation. As developers search for ways to make animation less consumptive, its popularity keeps on increasing.

Decluttered Experience

For developers and users there is still a lot of unnecessary information being displayed on mobiles. This “noise” as they call it dampens the user experience. Developers and designers have been coming up with minimalistic solutions that remove all of the unnecessary information and keep what is needed. Expect this decluttering to become more prominent in the near future.

Everything is Going Full Screen

With new phones such as the iPhone X and other competitors offering full screen mobiles, companies are trying to make full use of the large screens. Full screen experiences are becoming more popular and will keep increasing in popularity as people buy more phones
such as those. Everything is going full screen when it comes to mobile design.

Vibrant Colors

Much like website trends, vibrant colors are making their way to mobile designs as well. Now applications themselves offer in-app designs while mobile software also seem to be offering an increased number of design choices for users to make the most off. Mobile designs are going to become even more colorful from now.

Increased Focus on Videos

Videos are quickly becoming the preferred form of content. They are taking preference over all social media platforms and other websites such as those of news outlets as well. As videos become more and more popular, developers rush to find innovative methods of video integration and smooth streaming. There is an increased focus on providing better video experience on mobiles and both developers and designers are doing their very best to work on that.

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May 20, 2019