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Why a Responsive Web Design is Necessary in 2018

Websites are one of the most used online services all over the world. They prove to be a source of information, entertainment, product procurement, and much more. Websites have mostly been accessed using desktop browsers and have traditionally been developed to suit desktop computers. However, in recent years, mobile phones are being increasingly used and have become the main source of web browsing for a large number of people. Web developers have been shifting towards mobile design more in recent years as the popularity and use of smartphones keeps increasing.

In such an environment, it has become crucial for web design to be multi-faceted and allow for websites to be integrated on multiple devices at the same time. For that purpose, a specific kind of website designing and development has been introduced. This is now known as responsive web design.

How Responsive Web Design Works

The main factor that goes into making responsive web design work happens to be the flexibility provided to each and every one of its components. Responsive web design happens to use flexible grids that are based on proportion, fluid and extendable layouts, and images that can change size based on the screen the website is opened on. Moreover, it used CSS3 media queries to adapt to different devices by using the flexibility the language provides. It is a surefire way of making websites display and work easily on each and every device and provide the same level of accessibility everywhere.

Why It Is Necessary

More than 4 and half billion people own mobile phones, and it also happens to be an ever-increasing number. Moreover, more than half of those people are connected to the internet. There are more than 2 billion people carrying in the internet in their pockets at nearly all times throughout the day. A mobile phone happens to be the most highly used electronic device in the entire world and has become the main source of internet usage for many. In such a time, it is necessary for websites to work on mobile as well as on mobile.

Most websites usually have been developed to work on desktop browsers only. Since the internet was mostly browsed using web browsers, websites were developed for them exclusively. Such websites usually perform very bad on mobiles or tablets and are very hard to use. This alienates a large number of mobile and tablet users from those websites. With responsive web design, it has now become possible to create websites that can be used the same way by everyone.

Responsive web design is a must in the modern world since people are increasingly moving away from desktop computer use and moving towards mobiles and tablets. There happens to be an ever-increasing shift towards the latter, and soon enough nearly all websites will need to be developed keeping that audience in mind. In such circumstances, using responsive web design might just be the best way to make sure each visitor gets the best possible experience.

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August 11, 2018